Canada-Poland Chamber of Commerce Excellence Awards has an aim to recognize business people outstanding in their field and for their commitment to organizational excellence.  By awarding the organizations most committed to economic progress, both for themselves and for the Canadian market as a whole, we all take a more prominent position and gain greater influence in trade between Canada and Poland or strengthening the image of the Polish Business community in Canada.

Category Key

Humanitarian of the Year Award

Special honor presented to the company or individual who gave back to the community through a charitable, or selfless act, hard work and effort to better a cause, company, charity or country on a global scale.


Industry Star of the Year Award

An award to the company or individual who developed ground breaking and innovative technologies that have impacted the industry.


Champion of the Year Award

Honors a company or individual that is active in their field for at least five years, and is successful in expanding business, trade and investment opportunities between Canada and Poland.


Executive of the Year Award

Honors individuals active in their field for at least five years, which has successfully established exemplary direction for the organization under his/hers leadership.


Political Leadership Award

Honors individuals representing Polish community in Canada, who are active participants of the political process at different levels of government in Canada and who work actively in the support of the Polish community in Canada.


Suggested Individual Awards:

  • Regulatory and Scientific Solutions
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Lawyers, Barristers & Solicitors
  • Transportation
  • Food Industry
    • Wholesalers
    • Food production
    • Retail
  • Publishing
    • Business publication
    • Photography
    • Graphic design
  • Marketing
    • Public Relations
    • International Sales
    • Customer Services
  • Engineering
  • “FIRE”
    • Financial services
    • Investment
    • Real Estate
      • Agent
      • Real Estate Brokerage
      • Sub-Brokerage Team
  • Health Industry
    • Dental clinics
    • Physiotherapy clinics
    • Therapy clinics
    • Pharmacy
    • Hospitality Services
  • Hospitality
    • Travel
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Caterers
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